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Nature-Infused Human Beings

New York-based artist Matt Wisniewski creates mixed media images that are beautifully refreshing. His digital art collages create a stunning fashion and nature mash-up. The artist manipulates photos he finds on Tumblr to incorporate both the beauty of the human form and the beauty of nature.

The surreal visual experiments, currently featured on Wisniewski's own Tumblr entitled Five Minutes to Live, depict a variety of natural elements as an extension of the photos' subjects. The grainy texture of soil, the coarse surface of mountainous regions, and the salty flow of ocean water add visual excitement and intrigue to each image. Landscaping the contours of the human figure gives a whole new meaning to human nature.

We asked Wisniewski why nature, as opposed to other artistic elements, has such a prominent presence in his work and he kindly responded to our inquiry: “I've experimented with architectural elements but they tend to be tougher to incorporate and maintain the same quality. Urban photography often has a lot of minute details that don't translate well to my work.”

We were lucky enough to ask Matt a few more questions. Be sure to check out the brief interview, below.

The way you create your portraits really makes them pop out.  How would you describe your process? 
I spend some time experimenting with quick combinations of portraits and textures. Once I find something that catches my eye I clean it up and elaborate a bit more if I think it's possible or necessary.

Before you begin with a piece, do you have it already conceptualized in your head or do you “wing it” as you go?
Sometimes I have an idea of what portraits or textures I'd like to use but that's about as far as I go in terms of planning. Through experience I've learned what works well so there are certain things I won't try.

Who are some other artists/photographers that inspire you?
I'm always looking to be inspired but work with a sense of humor impresses me the most. Dany Peschl's Disturbation and Ben Sandler's Coincidence are good examples.

What's next for you? 
Lately I've been doing a lot more high-res work. It would be nice to get an exhibition at some point in the near future.

Matt Wisniewski's website
via [Colossal]


Pinar Noorata is the Managing Editor at My Modern Met. She is a writer, editor, and content creator based in Brooklyn, NY. She earned her BA in Film and Media Studies from CUNY Hunter College and is an alumni of the Center for Arts Education’s Career Development Program in NYC. She has worked at major TV, film, and publishing companies as well as other independent media businesses. When she isn’t writing, editing, or creating videos herself, Pinar enjoys watching movies, reading, crafting, drawing, and volunteering at her local animal shelter.
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