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Otherworldly Realms (11 pieces)

Michael Page’s enigmatic imagery is rendered in a rich color palette of swirling and flowing shapes that create dynamic movement. Painting with oil and acrylic on panel, the San Francisco-based artist creates otherworldly realms that are vaguely familiar in their resemblance to our shared reality, but are ultimately their own cosmic manifestation.

Through his body of work, the impeding doom of mortality is highlighted by pictorial representations of death, crossing over, and the beyond. Narratives of worlds in crisis, such as a self-imposed environmental degradation and the decline of civilization play out across the canvas.

While the subject matter can be seen as grim, the way in which the passing of time dictates and harnesses the human experience seeks to unite viewers as they are hopefully reminded that everyone moves forward in time together–time being the one thing that no one is allowed to bend, escape, or defy.

Michael Page’s website
via [Shooting Gallery SF]

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