Artist Paints 55,000 Square Feet of Grass Using Biodegradable Paint

Saype - Ecological Street Art

To celebrate International Recycling Day the city of Buenos Aires asked noted French street artist Saype to create a memorable installation. Known for his large-scale paintings made with natural and biodegradable paint, Saype took on the challenge and created a beautiful piece of art with a message. Located in Buenos Aires' Plaza General San Martin, the enormous artwork shows a young girl happily doodling eco-friendly imagery.

At more than 55,000 square feet (5,200 square meters), the painting is visible in its entirety from the air, making for dramatic imagery. The work is a masterclass in technical skill, as Saype perfectly executes the perspective needed to bring the child to life. In contrast, the thick, bold white lines of her childish doodles help carry forth an important message about today's youth and the fate of the planet.

“Here, the little girl symbolizes the future. Indeed, it is our children who will have the world of tomorrow in their hands,” Saype tells My Modern Met. “Then, the book symbolizes education and by extension the importance of it in environmental issues and recycling. Then, on each side, you can see chalk drawings. On one side plastic waste in a garbage bin, on the other hand, the world to which we can tend if we take care of our land to know a peaceful and pure world like a child's drawing.”

Saype worked diligently for one week to execute the enormous mural on grass. For the artist, who was named one of Forbes' 30 Under 30 in 2019, it was an incredible opportunity to take his positive message outside of Europe. By spreading his eco-friendly street art across the globe, he hopes that he can encourage others to take action and inspire change. “I think I can say that I put a lot of energy into my projects and passion and that I will lead people by example—leave a trace in minds and in hearts without leaving a trace on nature and the environment, this is my fight.”

To celebrate International Recycling Day, Saype painted a 55,000-square-foot image on grass using 100% natural paint.

Street Art with a Message by Saype

Saype - Ecological Street Art Installation with Eco Friendly Paint by Saype

Saype: Website | Facebook | Instagram

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Saype.

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