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Create a Tiny Version of Yourself Through 3D Printing

If you've ever wanted a tiny figurine of yourself, a studio based in Hamburg, Germany by the name of TWINKIND can now make your dreams come true. The creative minds at TWINKIND have embarked on an ambitious project that involves 3D printing at a commercial level, allowing interested customers to take part in a revolutionary process that could very well make pictures and picture frames obsolete.

People willing to participate and purchase a scale model of themselves (starting at 225 euros), each photorealistic sculpture reaching anywhere from 6 to 14 inches in height, are invited to have a full body scan. The process, which uses a multi-camera 3D scanning system, is not invasive or harmful to the body at all though. Participants can pose in any way they choose and it only takes a few seconds. Once the quick scan is complete, the digital data is then translated and transformed into a tiny model made of polymer plastic powder.

For any one in Hamburg that's interested, there is currently a pop-up studio that's accepting customers through appointments. According to the company's website, the figurines are said to take approximately 2-5 weeks to complete due to “high demand and an uncompromised technical process.”

TWINKIND website
via [CollabCubed]

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