Amazing Floor-to-Ceiling Graffiti Tree

The TSF crew is at it again! This past summer we wrote about graffiti done by the artists that looked like an Earth-Shattering Shout. Here, they’re back again with a larger design that reaches as far up as the ceiling!

This anamorphic graffiti tree plays with depth perception and shadows to make it seem like the tree is breaking out of its surface. When looked at from different angles, the tree looks elongated and abnormal but when it is viewed from the front, it looks astonishingly realistic. (At least as realistic as a tree with white leaves and colorful bark can be.)

I especially enjoy the long white drip that falls from the tree’s leaves and lands on the ground as a splat. The details around the roots of the tree also make the tree seem strong, as if it’s breaking through cement.

TSF Crew Website
via [Scene360]

January 19, 2017

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