Intricate Button Mosaics of Queens and Crowns

Accessories aren't just for fashion design anymore. UK-based artist Ann Carrington has constructed a number of regal button mosaics as part of her Pearly Queens series. Each textured collage in the collection features an intricately detailed assembly of buttons displaying the profile of English royalty and the embellished design of majestic crowns.

Whether the portraits are made of the tiny pearl discs on black canvas or gold buttons on red velvet, there's something mesmerizing about their appearance. There is a sense of style to each piece that clearly echoes the wealth and opulence of the regal life while using a common material. It is, however, the artist's skilled ability to “paint” each portrait with fine definition that blows us away. It is no simple task to get the meticulous intricacies of the Queen's coiffed hair, structured cheekbones, and the delicate details of her eyes, all with thousands of buttons.

Ann Carrington website
via [Eye Candy]

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