September 20, 2017

Book Lovers Remodel Brooklyn Home as a Secret Playground for Their Two Shy Cats

People who live with cats know that their furry friends are the ones that truly rule the household—the humans are simply guests. Many folks are happy with this arrangement, and they go as far as to accommodate their favorite felines with elaborate scratchers and toys; however, one couple in Brooklyn took it a step further and made their abode into a true cat house.

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September 10, 2017

Magnificent Art Nouveau Architecture of the Great Antoni Gaudí

Celebrated for his colorful creations and avant-garde approach to architecture, Antoni Gaudí is held as a key figure in the modernist movement. In addition to introducing Spain to the Art Nouveau style, the Spanish creative is renowned for the eclectic-yet-unified nature of his projects. Though most of these works are found in and around Barcelona, his influences can be found throughout all of Europe and beyond.

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August 30, 2017

Highly Anticipated ‘LEGO House’ Is Releasing a Model Kit of the Visitor Center Before Its Opening

In anticipation of the LEGO House grand opening in Billund, Denmark, the toy giant released plans for a new model kit that mirrors the visitor center. Bjarke Ingels' architecture firm BIG designed the center, which has been under construction in LEGO's hometown since 2014. The 774-piece kit faithfully re-creates BIG's design of 21 white bricks stacked on top of one another, covered with colorful terraces.

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August 18, 2017

Farmer Spends 7 Years Building Incredible Spiral Ramp to His Barn

This beautiful barn in Valldal, Norway is an incredible feat of amateur engineering featuring a stone ramp spiraling out from the hay loft. With the barn completed in 1885, one farmer spent the next seven years constructing the grassy ramp, which gained greater attention when the work was published in a 2014 book about Norway's historic barns.

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