Artist Creatively Re-Imagines Iconic Paintings

Cuban-American painter Cesar Santos recreates iconic paintings with a contemporary twist for his series known as Syncretism. His intriguing works simultaneously pay homage, merge, and play with Renaissance art and Modernism. Santos’ collection of paintings tackle the famous works of some renowned painters including the likes of Vermeer, Picasso, Pollack, and Da Vinci.

After studying the work of fine artists in Italy, allowing him to hone his craft, Santos says, “I came back with this curriculum, the experience of traditional painting in the classical manner, which I mix with the experience I had in conceptual art.” He aptly adds, “My tools are imagination and technique; they are the essence and the basis of my work.”

Having the technical background, Santos takes his images to the next level. Rather than simply exemplifying his skilled hand at reproducing Girl with a Pearl Earring, Santos re-imagines the origins of the famed painting. The artist presents both an impressive rendition of the well-known portrait and its imagined painter–a young woman in nothing more than a bra, looking directly at the viewer in the same vein as the painting’s subject.

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January 23, 2017

Makeup Artist Raises Mental Health Awareness With New #InsideOutChallenge

Canadian beauty blogger Yasaman Gheidi is using her makeup skills to spread mental health awareness with her new #InsideOutChallenge. While makeup can be fun and glamorous, Gheidi shows us a different side by using products to transform her face into a mirror for what’s within. The project came about after the 27-year-old self-taught beauty blogger left her staff Christmas party early due to an anxiety attack.

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