Stunning Animal Street Art Made with Geometric Lines by Dzia

Dzia is a Belgian street artist from the Antwerp area that’s known for his stunning murals of animals. His graphic style, with swirling strong lines, is instantly recognizable. Dzia paints in his hometown of Antwerp as well as in other cities across Europe, breathing life into walls in abandoned urban areas. Though he’s only been paining on the streets for the last two and a half years, he’s already created a spellbinding body of work. So far, he’s made animals such as the fox, deer, and fish. Some of his pieces take on a prism-like look with their strong lines and colored patterns.

"From a young age art has always been a great interest to me,” he writes on his website. “My uncle was an artist and my whole family have always been very creative. This passion carried me through my younger years until I eventually went on to study a masters in fine art at the Royal Academy in Antwerp.

“After I graduated I really wanted place my artwork onto walls. I focused on creating a truly unique graphic style, using abstract and geometric lines to implement into animalistic forms. I've been painting on walls for around two and half years now.

“New ideas come very easily to me, so my work is very spontaneous – I paint quickly and in-situ to make sure the original idea stays true to its form."

Dzia’s website

January 20, 2017

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