Asymmetrical Faces Revealed Through Mirrored Composites


Turkish photographer Eray Eren takes faces and presents them as triptychs—each panel representing a standard, forward-facing portrait (left photo) along with two additional images that split the original face down the middle and form a mirrored version of the left half of the subject's actual face (middle photo) and another one of the right side (right photo). The project, titled Asymmetry, explores the asymmetry in faces and just how different one would look, were they to have symmetrical faces that mimicked either side.

The series, first brought to our attention by Eren himself, offers a very visual look at both beauty and the genetic materials that make up one's physical appearance. Each person has multiple factors to their face alone that are not balanced on both sides, yet it's that imbalance that skews from perfect symmetry that makes them look the way they do. The adjacent portraits prove that symmetry transforms the human face enough to look like a completely different person.

2-Eray-Eren-asymmetry 3-Eray-Eren-asymmetry 4-Eray-Eren-asymmetry 5-Eray-Eren-asymmetry 6-Eray-Eren-asymmetry 7-Eray-Eren-asymmetry 8-Eray-Eren-asymmetry 9-Eray-Eren-asymmetry 10-Eray-Eren-asymmetry 11-Eray-Eren-asymmetry 12-Eray-Eren-asymmetry 13-Eray-Eren-asymmetry

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