Figurative Sculptures Made of Stainless Steel Ribbons

Texas-based sculptor Gil Bruvel manipulates ribbons of cast stainless steel to create spectacular figurative sculptures for his Flow series. Each form is energized with fluid, flowing lines of metal that appear all-at-once sturdy and fragile. Each metallic strand serves as a piece of Bruvel’s captivating puzzle, all of which work in unison to depict “the natural strength and quiet majesty inherent in integrating the various levels of existence.”

Bruvel’s collection often features a sense of duality. In his piece titled Dichotomy, the artist presents the bust of his figure constructed in two patterns. One half of the sculpture consists of vertical lines, while the other half is composed of horizontal ribbons. Each half incorporates his signature style of fluidity, making it seem as though the malleable material is forcibly windswept, causing ripples in its shape. The artist’s statement reads: “Bruvel's ribbons of energy may flow in parallel streams, yet they convey the subtle and complex human intersections of beauty and pain, inner and outer, the ephemeral and the eternal now.”

Bruvel will be exhibiting a selection of his work at Chloe Gallery in San Francisco, starting June 30th.

Gil Bruvel website
via [Colossal]

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