Life-Size Driftwood Animal Sculptures by James Doran-Webb

British sculptor James Doran-Webb uses driftwood and recycled metal to construct remarkable, life-size sculptures of various animals. From horses and dogs to a lion and a deer, the artist has a vast collection of wooden animals, each boasting a uniquely textured construction.

Doran-Webb manages to manipulate his chosen materials to emulate the body and texture of his wild subjects. The knots, grooves, and rings on each piece of wood add to the visual value and life of each sculpture. Additionally, the sculptor most often reproduces the image of animals in motion, further heightening a sense of vitality and vigor.

Being that the artist has been creating his works, particularly working with wood, since a young age, he always felt the urge to give back. This year, Doran-Webb has launched a tree planting program, aptly dubbed 80,000 Trees. The artist’s ultimate goal through this personal endeavor is to plant 80,000 trees in Cebu, Philippines (where he is currently based) over the course of five years. The progress of this passion project can be tracked on his blog.

James Doran-Webb website

January 23, 2017

31 of the Most Creative Protest Signs From the Global Women’s March

The Women’s March on Washington and its accompanying sister marches—in the US and around the world—drew over five million people to streets on Saturday, January 21. Those who marched spoke in favor of equal rights for all women as well as in protest of President Donald Trump. And they didn’t show up empty-handed, either; many people made handcrafted signs to make their voice even louder.

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January 23, 2017

Cinephile’s Ongoing Project Reveals Color Palettes Found in Famous Films

Fantastic cinematography can make a film unforgettable. When done well, it’s like every still frame is a work of art. Color plays a vital role in this, and a cinematographer’s choices set the mood of a scene. Graphic designer Ruby Radulescu demonstrates the importance of a movie’s color spectrum in a fascinating series called Movies in Color. The premise is simple: she creates detailed color palettes based on a frame of a famous film.

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