Incredibly Lifelike 3D Paper Animal Sculptures

These amazing masks and sculptures look like they are made out of real fur. In fact, they are actually paper sculptures by Brooklyn-based artist Jos Suris IV. The awesome 3D illustrator creates these detailed little creatures out of various papers, styrofoam, wireform, and paperclay. Through layers of paper and shades of color, Suris produces extremely detailed shapes with incredible texture that gives each form a lifelike presence.

The wide range of final products includes some pieces that are fully sculpted creatures, others that are simple masks, and still others that are bodiless heads which Suris mounts and hangs on display just like a taxidermist might. For Suris, it seems that anything and everything sparks the creative process, including internet videos, cartoons, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Pokmon‘s Eevee, friends’ plays, and stories that the artist hears in everyday life. His inspiration is so broad, one can’t help but eagerly await the next imaginative concept.

Jos Suris’ website
via [The Fourth]

December 6, 2016

Artist Creates Beautiful Henna Crowns for Free for Cancer Patients

Like many body art studios, Seattle-based henna company Sarahenna helps people celebrate special occasions. From wedding looks to embellished baby bumps, the talented team—led by founder Sarah Walters—helps clients mark major milestones with their artistic practice. What sets Sarahenna apart from the rest, however, is their dedication to helping others. In particular, they offer “henna crowns” to women who have experienced hair loss due to chemotherapy.

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December 5, 2016

Sweden’s Iconic ICEHOTEL Is Now Open 365 Days a Year

Sweden’s iconic ICEHOTEL has recently completed a project that will allow it to remain open year-round. Located 125 miles north of the Arctic Circle, the ICEHOTEL has been in operation seasonally since 1989. The hotel is created entirely from snow and ice, and includes 20 guest suites, a bar, and art gallery.

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