Adorable Baby Chicks Wear Charming Little Hats

Several years ago, photographer Julie Persons created the project Chicks in Hats with a simple goal–to photograph fluffy baby chicks wearing tiny hats. The series, started in 2012, is as adorable as you might expect. Persons' darling birds model the miniaturized hats, which range in style from formal and fancy to cozy and casual, with a little steampunk thrown in the mix. Regardless of the chicks' sartorial choices, these charming images are certain to make you smile.

The photographer and her animal brood live on a farm just outside of Norridgewock, Maine. Persons' inspiration for Chicks in Hats came from her then seven-year-old daughter, who had tried to accessorize some of the baby birds the family was keeping at home. Persons has taken the idea and ran with it, snapping the photos and turning them into keepsakes like necklaces, lockets, and bobby pins. They are all available to purchase through her Etsy shop.

Julie Persons: Facebook | Tumblr | Etsy

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