Pilot Documents His Journeys From 35,000 Feet High


With all of the security precautions these days, it’s rare that anyone other than the pilot gets to check out the cockpit of an airplane. However, Dubai-based photographer and major airline pilot Karim Nafatni has both the skill and the access to take us on a journey more than 35,000 feet above sea level and into the mechanical mecca of many different jets.

Flying high above the earth, Nafatni found fascination in how cities looked from high levels and so, he began documenting the view. He says, “I take you far away from skyscrapers and high rise building roof tops this time to somewhere much higher: welcome to my daily office!” The empty chair is where Nafatni worked, so you can tell in which images he was the 1st officer, seated on the right, and at what point he moved up to what he calls “the hot seat” or the captain’s seat on the lefthand side of the cockpit.

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Karim Nafatni’s website
via [PetaPixel]

January 18, 2017

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