Colorful Installation Transforms Rail Route into Otherworldly Place

Those riding along one of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania's major transportation routes will be surprised by what they see. Berlin-based artist Katharina Grosse transformed the passing landscape into a vibrant, magical-looking place with her project, psychylustro. It utilizes her unique spray-paint technique to spread brilliant color across seven chosen project sites, cloaking abandoned warehouse walls, small buildings, and other spaces in fuchsia, lime green, and day-glo orange. The beautiful installation creates a real-time landscape painting for its viewers who also experience a break in their normal routine.

Grosse states that her work "shifts your notion of size through movement, so when you stand in front of it, it's huge, but when you pass it by on the train it becomes small. This kind of experience – that your life is constantly in that kind of changing mode – is something I've always been fascinated by. And this time we have an extra tool, which is the train. In a museum you walk, and that's the way you move. here, you can fly."

psychylustro was made possible by Philadelphia's Mural Arts Program who recently released a map of the project sites. Its nearly 34,000 daily viewers will see the installation will change over time as the colorful areas gradually fade back to how they looked before Grosse's imaginative takeover.

Katharina Grosse website and Mural Arts Program website
via [designboom]

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