Elegant Sculptures Formed From Deconstructed Instruments

Sculptor Koji Takei deconstructs everyday objects and reassembles them in new and exciting ways. As a fan of classical music, the Los Angeles-based artist focuses his subject matter on guitars, fragmenting their original parts and occasionally adding vases and trumpets to the mix. Now, a chair doesn't look like a chair anymore. We see every part of it at once, and it tricks our perception of what's three-dimensional and what's flattened. This style is reminiscent of cubist paintings by artists like Picasso and Braque.

Before Takei transitioned into fine art, he owned and operated a successful graphic design and marketing firm. You can spot this influence in his elegant sculptures. Despite being a mixture of wood and shapes, his work feels harmonious. Every part of the assemblages seem to have a careful consideration of how it's placed as to not disturb the overall flow of the piece.

Takei's work is currently on view at William Turner Gallery in Santa Monica, California. His exhibition, titled Resonance, is up until May 10th of this year.

Koji Takei website
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December 10, 2016

World Map Reveals What Each Country Does Better Than Any Other

Designer David McCandless of Information is Beautiful has created a fascinating world map called International Number Ones. “Because every country is the best at something,” McCandless also offers the caveat that this accolade is “according to data,” which makes perfect sense once you study the map. Being the number one at something isn’t necessarily a compliment. Many countries are the “best” when it comes to issues that are morally reprehensible.

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December 9, 2016

Intricately Detailed Floating Cube Casts Stunning Shadows

We have always been big fans of Pakistan-born artist Anila Quayyum Agha’s mesmerizing art. In 2014, we raved about Intersections, a captivating wooden cube that cast dreamy shadows with a single light bulb. Fortunately for us, Agha is still creating intricate installations in this style, with her most recent, radiant piece being All The Flowers Are For Me. Like Intersections, All The Flowers Are For Me plays with light and space.

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