Tree Trunks with Missing Gaps Inside Gallery Walls

In this project, entitled Surtout ne prends pas froid, Montreal-based artist Maude Lonard-Contant has erased parts of our natural world. Constructed out of styrofoam, paper, and watercolors, the site-specific installation mimics nature as it might look when set within the four walls of a gallery space. According to her bio, the artist’s sculptural and installation work “questions the difficult relationship we have with the representation of nature, and shows an acute interest for the western neurosis of framing.”

Upon entering the space, viewers are immediately confronted with a nonsensical situation. A variety of trees, scattered around the room, continue to maintain an upright position, regardless of the fact that each tree is missing part of its middle section. In the corner sits a small pile of the missing parts, separated from the rest but still present in the room. The very simple structures grow through the ceiling and the floor with a demanding presence, challenging viewers to question the intentions of the artist–perhaps the project is a statement on the depleting resources in our environment or perhaps it is simply a playful interpretation of the natural world, brought indoors.

Maude Lonard-Contant’s website
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January 16, 2017

Single Mom and Her Children Use Youtube Tutorials to Build Their Dream House

Mother of four Cara Brookins says, “There is nothing more powerful than building your future with your own hands.” Though this may read like a metaphorical mantra, Brookins took it quite literally when she and her children Roman, Jada, Hope, and Drew decided to construct their dream house entirely from scratch. As a young mother, Brookins faced many challenges, including abusive relationships and even the discovery that she was being stalked.

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January 15, 2017

Timeless Photos Capture the Dreamy Villages of Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre, a string of rustic coastal villages along Italy’s Ligurian Coast has long been an inspiration for travel photographers. With plunging cliffs and dramatic vistas, the small towns are ripe for postcard perfect photography. But when Slovenian photographer Jaka Bulc traveled to the Cinque Terre, he immersed himself in a different side of the towns. The result is a set of timeless images that peel back the layers of the well-loved vacation spot.

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