Giving New Life to Old Objects

Montreal-born and Berlin-based artist Michel de Broin challenges expectations and accepted norms of the world around us. He finds playful ways to combine his art with common objects. His bio explains, "He sets out to render visible, through richly profound metaphors and analogies, the forces at work in the movement of the energies which guide our actions and govern our impulses."

The above project, entitled Dead Star, is created out of hundreds of old, dead batteries stuck together with urethane and polystyrene. At one point in time, the batteries converted stored chemical energy into power for electronics and appliances. De Broin molds these no longer functioning dead batteries into this new, sculptural form. He says, "Retrieved from death, they were assembled again in this whole structure," and gives the old products new life.

All of his works incorporate a very playful approach to objects. He does not accept basic societal constraints, and he challenges his viewers to ask questions and break free of the standard norms.

Michel de Broin's website
via [Dark Silence in Suburbia]

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