Watching Time Stand Still


It’s hard to believe that self-taught digital artist Norvz Austria, aka xetobyte, first started mixing digital works because he couldn’t find any wallpaper he liked. Taking matters into his own hands, the Philippines-based creative began his artistic career in the surreal digital world. Though his works are not direct reflections of Dali’s art, Austria is clearly inspired by clocks and surrealism.

Taking images from different sources, this young artist has mastered the art of digital manipulation. He is the photographic equivalent of a DJ, able to mix and blend other formed arts into an entirely new image. It is truly remarkable the way Austria seamlessly combines several visual elements and edits them all to reflect the same lighting in one environment. I am totally engulfed in the surreal worlds he creates where the ground is a fluffy bed of clouds and giant clocks shatter all around us.

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Norv Austria: deviantART
via [Design You Trust]

January 22, 2017

Dynamic Sculptures Capture Powerful Combination of Emotion and Movement

The dynamic work of sculptor Gaylord Ho is instantly recognizable. Emotion oozes from the figures, as they throw their energy into dancerly poses. His female figures twist and twirl, animated and vital. Born in Taiwan, the 66-year-old artist has a fascinating personal history. Growing up as the son of low income farmers, Ho was expected to balance his studies while helping on the rice farm.

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