Clever Designs Built With Repurposed Egg Shells

Rather than tossing out old egg shells, design firm Nosigner figured out a way to transform the fragile, cracked containers into beautiful products. The Japan-based company believes that all natural forms have the potential to function in unexpected ways, and, with that in mind, they developed this recycled planter, entitled Hatch, and an eggshell lamp, entitled Rebirth.

The Hatch planter provides nutrition to small seedlings, which can then happily grow and blossom into larger plants. Once the plants grow too large, the shells can be reabsorbed back into the earth in order to continue the cycle of life. In Rebirth, the weight of the eggs is distributed evenly throughout the complex structure, resulting in a self-sustaining, and naturally friendly, arrangement. Nosigner says, “Surrounded by artificiality in this day and age, there exists a strong desire to touch life, nature, and other ‘real’ things so as to reaffirm our existence.” By using the thin, delicate outer casings that once provided protection for new life, the used objects take on a symbolic meaning that ties people and nature together and achieves harmony between beauty and functionality.

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January 16, 2017

20 Nature-Inspired Embroidery to Melt Away the Winter Blues

As the holly jolly holidays have long past and we find ourselves in the middle of January, it’s natural to long for an escape from the dreary conditions winter brings—freezing temperatures, barren trees, and gloomy skies. While it may feel like March is a million months away, art is always a savior you can turn to for emotion refuge. In this case, you can spring forward with a cheerful collection of nature-inspired embroidery to melt away the winter blues.

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January 15, 2017

Literature-Loving Writers Can Now Work in Mark Twain’s Library

To seek intellectual inspiration, budding writers often turn to the works of the world’s most celebrated authors. While flipping through their most beloved books is a good start, the Mark Twain House & Museum has a better idea: why not share their workspace? Recently, the museum has announced plans to open Mark Twain’s library to the public, inviting literature-loving writers to quite literally follow in Twain’s footsteps.

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