Os Gmeos Designs Brazil’s Airplane for the World Cup

To celebrate the excitement of the upcoming 2014 World Cup, identical twin brothers and graffiti artists Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo, aka Os Gmeos, in collaboration with GOL airlines, recently finished painting the exterior of Brazil national team’s airplane. The soccer team will climb aboard the mobile work of art and travel around the country in style this summer as Brazil hosts the annual competition.

The brothers took just one week and used 1,200 spray paint cans to complete the collection of portraits along the surface of the aircraft’s body while the wings were painted a solid gray for safety reasons. The soccer fans–intended to represent the people of Brazil–are crowded together to cheer on their team in a fantastic display of the country’s enthusiasm for the sport.

Os Gmeos explains that it’s “an airplane transformed into a work of art to transport the Brazilian people and the Brazilian national soccer team, placing art in people’s lives and taking our characters to the clouds.”

GOL airlines will continue to use the Boeing 737 for two years once the World Cup is over. You can learn more about the airplane and see more photos on GOL’s blog.

Os Gmeos website
GOL website
via [Juxtapoz]

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