Outside/In: A Street Art Movement

With the major street art show currently going on at the MOCA, it comes as no surprise that others are joining in on the craze. LeBasse Projects just started featuring a group of internationally-known street artists: Case (Germany), Herakut (Germany), Alexandros Vasmoulakis (Greece), Hush (UK), Sharktoof (USA), and Bumblebee (USA) at their art gallery. The show, titled Outside/In, will run from April 23rd to May 28th 2011 at the Culver City location. On May 11th, the Portsmouth Museum of Art in New Hampshire will begin the second part of the show, which will run until September 11, 2011.

“The artists in this exhibition have distinct messages they contribute to the urban environment, creating contemporary art and adding it to the walls of cities around the world,” the gallery says.

Going from underground to mainstream, there is no questioning the power of this movement.

via [Hi Fructose]

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