Pixar and Star Wars Hybrid Characters (11 pieces)

“No grand subtext here, they are both old. But this is my favorite one of all.”

What would happen if Pixar and Star Wars characters mated and had babies? Thanks to artist Silof, we now have the answer to that long sought-after question. Along with each image, a quote from the artist is attached explaining his thought process behind which characters were best fit for cross-breeding and why.

“This is the one that started this whole idea. I was watching Monsters Inc. with my daughter for the hundredth time, and the light bulb when we were talking and compared Chewbacca to Sully.”

“The bi-pedal design, utilitarian nature, and non vocal communication made them a natural pairing.”

“Han obviously has his origins in the gun slinging westerns, so this was an obvious pairing. I am surprised how little I had to change to make this work.”

“Short, green, nuf said.”

“I really like this pairing. A Bug’s Life is often over looked in the Pixar catalog. Both Luke and Flik are wide-eyed dreamers who long for a bigger/better life.”

“If Luke was and ant, and Luke and Leia are related then Atta should be an ant. Plus my daughter likes both of these characters so I liked combining them. Both characters are powerful women leaders.”

“My first idea was to use Syndrome from the Incredibles to include all the films, but I like the idea of the armor and jet pack. Plus combining my 2 favorite characters from both universes could not be passed up.”

“If Wall-E was R2 then obviously Eva should be 3PO, plus the sleeker design when compared to Wall-E had a similar juxtaposition of elements.”

“I hated wasting a bad guy on basically a grunt soldier, but the more I thought about it I liked the bug shell/armor comparison.”

“Of all the characters this is the biggest no-brainer. Obviously Zurg was inspired on some level as a Vader-esque character. The film even uses Star Wars dialogue, scenarios, and sound effects.” Silof’s website

January 16, 2017

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