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Psychedelic Dreamscapes – Allison Torneros (10 paintings)

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Allison Torneros' paintings is the thought process behind her pieces. Letting the paint do the ‘talking', she throws around paint and other materials onto the canvas in an unpredictable manner and leaves it to dry overnight. Later, she begins drawing based on what she sees in the random composition.

Born in 1985, Allison Torneros is a Bay Area-born, Los Angeles-based artist and designer who began drawing at age 2, and built her first website at 11. She received her Bachelor's from UCLA with a degree in Design and Media Arts.

“In my artwork, my biggest influences are comics/anime, graffiti art, music cover art, fashion, the paranormal, Art Noveau, and religious Romanesque and Gothic art. In my current body of work, the use of bold texture and rhythm aim to create a psychedelic experience inspired by dreamscapes and the capacity of human consciousness.” -Allison Torneros

Allison Torneros' website

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