Holographic Light Beings Hover in Mid-Air

Over the past few years, Ibiza-Spain based artist Roseline de Thlin has been making a name for herself with her stunning holographic light sculptures. Using a wide range of materials including fiber optics, quartz crystals, mirrors, wires and chains, she creates ethereal human beings that look like they’re mysteriously hovering in mid-air.

For this year’s Kinetica Art Fair, London’s annual event that sits at the cross section between art and science, de Thlin exhibits Seated Child, a sculpture that’s meant to represent “God's waiting room in the spiritual dimension” or “waiting in limbo.” Like many of her holographic light sculpture, Seated Child plays with perception, making us believe that we’re looking at a three-dimensional figure. These luminous works ask us to reflect on life, illusion and the evolution of mankind. “Ethereal, transparent and illuminating, she glows, as a metaphor of the veil that divides life and the spirit realm,” it states on Kinetica’s website. “Her ghostly, veiled silhouette appears shining and haunting in the dark, escaping into oblivion.”

Above photo credit: Katie Smith

Photo credit: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images


Photo via: Frequency

Photo via: Art Observed

Photo via: B12 Gallery

Artist Roseline De Thlin standing in front of Light Beings
Photo via: Frequency

Roseline de Thlin’s website

January 18, 2017

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