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Unorthodox Three-Dimensional Photo Reconstructions

By cutting, reconfiguring, and layering images, artist Rusty Scruby produces his 3D photo-based works. The three-dimensional photographic reconstructions utilize multiple copies of the same image to display the shot in a new, transformed way. The idea is to take a fully constructed visual, break it down, and rebuild it. It holds new meaning and offers a different perspective.

This style of deconstruction and reassembly reinvigorates an otherwise mundane cycle of capturing mediocre images. It combines the technology-based side of art with the hands-on practices of crafty fine art. Far from your ordinary photography series, Scruby's sculpture-like works cause the spectator to lean in or perhaps even stretch out their hands. The textures and manipulated grooves make viewers second guess their own vision. Is the picture really popping out or is it an optical illusion?

Rusty Scruby website
via [faith is torment]

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