Surreal Cities Living in Faces

Somewhat frightening but incredibly cool is this new airbrush painting by artist Chris Ellman. Called Two Faces, it’s a diptych or two works that, side by side, form one single artistic statement. Taking him three months to complete, this 100% airbrush on canvas is filled with hundreds of characters living in a strange and detailed world. Surreal cities come alive in a woman and man’s face with twisting roads and bending buildings.

“Many items are very obvious and others are not,” Elliman says. “After working with subliminal imagery for years…. I grew frustrated working hard to hide items in my paintings….. only to have to point them out to people directly in the final piece…..hence my more obvious approach to subtlety!”

Elliman has put his project on Kickstarter so that he can get enough minimum orders required for prints. If you’re into surreal imagery, you’ll want to help support this project.

Chris Elliman on Kickstarter

January 18, 2017

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