Visiting Barcelona? Check Out the New Hotel Me Barcelona by Sol Meli

One year ago this Thanksgiving, Eugene, Sam and I headed down to beautiful Cancun for a nice long weekend getaway. One of the best parts of the trip, was staying at a hotel our friend Gary had recommended, Hotel Me by Melia Cancun. The moment you walked in, your senses were awakened by a sweet smell, they had infused a perfume like scent in the air that made you feel you were in a tropical oasis. In the background you heard a familiar song, but one that you'd imagine would be playing more at a secret Hollywood club than a hotel. It was the W experience but better, with an infinity pool that looked out into the sandy white beaches below, I thought life could not get better than this. That is why I'm excited that this hotel has opened up another branch in Barcelona. They have acquired the Sky Hotel in Barcelona, all 30 floors with 259 rooms and suites, and turned it into a colorful yet modern looking hotel, as only this company could do. The rooms all offering stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea as well as the hills of Tibidabo and Montjuc. It's the Standard Hotel but with a kick-ass personality.

So if you are thinking of visiting Spain, check out Me by Melia Barcelona. I'm sure it will not disappoint! Via Contemporist

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