Wired Coffee Man

What happens when the “Invisible Man” has a little too much coffee? He gets wired! Sculptor Ruth Jensen created the Coffee Man in order to challenge her “wiring limits.” It was only after he was listed on her Etsy shop for over a year that she was contacted by the craft company. Etsy asked Jensen if they could include Coffee Man in their collection. “Though he was extremely popular and had been on Etsy's front page a number of times, I was flabbergasted when he was purchased to hang out with the Etsy staff in their Brooklyn headquarters,” she says.

From start to finish, Coffee Man took her six weeks to complete. When asked why she prefers to work with wire, Jensen told us this:

“I think wire is a magical medium: almost fluid in its flexibility, incredibly lightweight, amazingly sturdy and resilient, eco-friendly, and capable of producing infinite effects. I want my work to intrigue, involve, and ultimately delight the viewer. Wire pieces do this by requiring viewers to solve the visual puzzle of focusing when the front, insides and back of a piece are all visible simultaneously.”

Love how he’s just casually sipping his coffee and reading the news….

Ruth Jensen’s website and Etsy shop

January 19, 2017

Adorable Red Panda Cub Can’t Stop Hugging Toy That Looks Just Like Her

As if Maiya—a recovering red panda cub living at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia—wasn’t already completely adorable, the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed 2-month-old has recently been photographed with a cuddly new companion: a same-species stuffed animal. In November, Amala, a beloved red panda at the zoo, gave birth to Maiya. At first, the little one was happy and healthy. Not long ago, however, she was traumatically injured while being carried in her mother’s mouth.

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