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Tranquil Oil Paintings Reflect Peacefully Rippling Water Scenes

There is something inherently soothing about Ai Shah‘s water paintings.The talented artist manages to effortlessly capture the ripples and reflecting light rays bouncing off the surface of her water portraits, creating a depth and realism within the layers of oil. The Japanese-born Australia-based artist's depictions of this illusive element are nothing less than stunning.

Adapting her style from old master techniques, Shah infuses an individuality into each of her paintings. Toying with natural colour schemes, alternating light and dark to create shadows, she produces unique imagery from a familiar subject matter. Sprinkling in the occasional wild animal, her work remains interesting and reflects strong ties to the natural world that translate to a visually comforting collection. Shah's brushwork brings to mind famous impressionist work (think Monet's Water Lilies), yet there are traces of characteristic Japanese artistic methods apparent in her reflections of the natural element as well.

Shah's portfolio overflows with peace, instilling a sense of tranquillity as she expresses a very real connection to the water that she paints. Shah has discovered that as she paints, she “finds [her] everyday concerns fall away, left with only the joy of colour and canvas.” This feeling of contentment is something that radiates from her artwork. 

Ai Shah: Website
via [Faith is Torment]

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