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Ukrainian Teen Morphs into Shockingly Realistic Anime Girl

We know that makeup and lighting are essential for photography and, when applied properly, can elicit transformative properties, but 19-year-old Anastasiya Shpagina has blown our minds with her ability to reconfigure her appearance with makeup. The teen, who hails from Odessa, Ukraine, is apparently a huge anime fan and goes beyond basic cosplay to display her affection for the Japanese style of animations. Spending several hours on her makeup each day, Shpagina morphs into her anime alter ego known as Fukkacumi.

The teen is not the first in this trend, but she has certainly garnered a great deal of attention, sparking some controversy over her self-created evolved state. It draws criticism over the growing tendency of young girls seeking to change their appearance. Some parts of internet culture seems to praise the anime baby doll look–big eyes, colored hair, tiny waist, long legs–while others argue that it's promoting unfeasible proportions and body modifications. Shpagina herself has even been reported as saying that she is considering eye surgery to make the unnaturally big eyes a permanent fixture on her face to better mimic these fairy and wood nymph-like characters she seeks to depict.

Anastasiya Shpagina on Facebook
via [Amazing World Pictures]

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