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Poetic Text Portraits

Austria-based artist Anatol Knotek is a visual poetry specialist. His expert talents in the arts transcend your average painting or illustration. Knotek incorporates the art of the written word into his creations. In fact, his text portraits are an amalgamation of scribbles and handwritten text.

Often working with a permanent marker on canvas, the poetry artist utilizes the boldness of the writing tool against the blank, matte white of his subjects' faces. Knotek uses words that hold some modicum of value to each figure's visage, whether they are well-known figures in life or simply a woman drawn in blue. When looked upon with a fine magnifying glass, one can see Bob Dylan's own lyrics “We live in a political world” scrawled out into the background of his portrait amongst a sea of words.

Anatol Knotek website
via [illusion]

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