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Magnetic Self-Portrait Meticulously Constructed with 7,000 Hand-Painted Screws

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Artist Andrew Myers has found his niche with 3D screw art. For years, we’ve marveled over the incredible, Pointillist-esque pieces that use thousands of screws to form life-like portraits and surreal imagery. Myers has just shared with us one of his latest works called Opposites Attract, which is an unconventional self portrait. In it, Myers himself is drawn towards the pull of a giant magnet. Bit by bit, pieces of him are attracted and stuck to the giant horse shoe.

It took the artist a month of working “long and arduous days” to complete Opposites Attract. Comprising over 7,000 screws, each of them is individually painted and fastened into a large 40-inch by 80-inch wood panel clad in white automotive paint. The stunning result elevates the everyday screw from ubiquitous building material into a contemporary art form—something you’d never expect from it.

Like other works of Myers’ screw art, Opposites Attract looks drastically different depending on that angle from which it’s viewed. From straight-on, it appears as a flattened portrait, but from the side, the bodies of the screws are revealed.

Andrew Myers creates art with screws. His latest piece called Opposites Attract features over 7,000 individually-painted screws.

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Here’s Myers in the midst of making his screw art:

Screw Art

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