Animated Illustrations Teach How to Make Films

How sweet are these animated illustrations? This set of 13 was recently made by illustrator Malika Favre and creative agency Airside for Varoom magazine. The series explains “How to” create films but it could apply to anyone in a creative field – especially when storytelling is involved.

“In the past few years, companies such as Intel and Nokia, that needed to inform business audiences and consumers about new and complex concepts, products, and technologies, have turned to us for some How To know-how,” says Airside. “So we all sat down around the kitchen table one afternoon and felt like it was time to break down our process and find out what were the key rules to creating ‘How To' Films. And today, we feel like sharing them.”

Though many of these illustrations can stand on their own (needing no further explanation), to gain a deeper understanding, head on over to Airside to read the accompanying text.

Our favorite is for Think Edit, Not Epic:

“We all have a million different things we could be reading, watching, browsing, doing, poking, or tweeting.
Work on the assumption that your audience won't give you much more than a minute of their time, before a video of their friend's dog rolling over will supplant your masterpiece.

“So keep it short and keep it interesting. You don't need to say everything – just make sure the core message comes across loud and proud.”

Malika Favre's website and Airside's website

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