Luminous Photos of Antarctica Shine a Light on Its Alluring Icy Blue Surface

Cierva Cove in Antarctica

Australian photographer Leah Kennedy spent time in a decidedly colder climate when she made the journey to Antarctica. Intrigued by the beauty of this desolate locale, Kennedy focused her creative energies on capturing Antarctica's unique light and its reflection off the environment's icy surface. The resulting portfolio is a breathtaking look at this majestic landscape.

“The intriguing thing about the light in Antarctica was in the seeming absence of sunlight,” Kennedy shared with My Modern Met. “The ice and snow seemed to be its own light source. There was a luminescent quality apparent even when the sun wasn’t shining. What is a dramatic and intriguing landscape is even more appealing because of this quality.”

Captured in rich detail, Kennedy's photographs give an almost sculptural appearance to the scenes. Silvery chunks of ice float in the water, their blue-grey color contrasting with the snow-covered terrain in the background. By exploring light and shadow, Kennedy highlights these icy surfaces and invites the viewer to drink in every detail. Other—more abstract—photographs hone in on the luminescence that appealed to her. The softly glowing blue tones are soothing and intriguing.

The work is an homage to an environment that is slowly disappearing and as well as a warning of Antarctica's fragility. Kennedy hopes that her visual contribution will serve as a reminder that any small change we can make to preserve this unique environment is an effort worth making.

Australian photographer Leah Kennedy recently spent time in Antarctica.

Iceberg in Cierva Cove in Antarctica

Cierva Cove in Antarctica

Her photographs show off the incredible quality of light at Cierva Cove.

Cierva Cove in Antarctica

Cierva Cove in Antarctica

Cierva Cove in Antarctica

Her abstract photographs also focus in on the luminescent qualities of the ice.

Icebergs in Antarctica

Cierva Cove in Antarctica

Landscape Photography of Antarctica by Leah Kennedy

Kennedy hopes her photos are a reminder to protect this fragile landscape at all costs.

Landscape Photography of Antarctica

Ice in Antartcica

Ice in Antarctica

Abstract Photo of Ice in Antarctica

Abstract Photo of Ice in Antarctica

Leah Kennedy: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Behance

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Leah Kennedy.

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