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June 27, 2022

Woman Tries Returning Unused Dog Food After Dog Dies, Company’s Response Is Beyond Sweet

There's good customer service, and then there are a few companies that go above and beyond to support their customers. When Anna Brose contacted Chewy, an online pet food and supplies retailer, she was simply hoping to return an unused bag of dog food after her dog, Gus, passed away. When she explained the situation to a representative, she was met with sympathy and consideration.

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June 22, 2022

Funny Dog Brings His Mom Presents While She’s in the Shower

If pets experience the same five love languages as humans, it'd be fair to say most dogs thrive on affection and quality time. Then there's Fin, who also communicates by regularly giving gifts. Whether he's giving the gifts selflessly or has an ulterior motive questionable, though. Fin isn't the biggest fan of his mom taking showers. She's gone so long, which means there's less time to play.

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June 13, 2022

White Lion With Bangs at Guangzhou Zoo May Have Accidentally Given Himself This Haircut

There are bad hair days, and then there are the days where you cut your own hair and have to spend weeks growing out the results of an impulsive decision. Humans know these fashion faux pas all too well, but at the Guangzhou Zoo, in China, there is a lion who can relate, too. Meet Hang Hang, a male white lion who has been sporting a truly puzzling hairdo.

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