Adorable Toddler and Cat Stop Everything to Watch Window Washers Every Time

Toddler and Cat Watching Window Washers

Sometimes the most mundane jobs can also be the most entertaining. While some may look away or not even notice the work of window washers, 10-month-old Nagi and his black cat Guinness stop everything they’re doing to watch the men at work just outside their London flat. The pair sit in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, enamored with the swishes of the cleaners' squeegees. Guinness runs back and forth, chasing the motion of one cleaner's hand, while Nagi watches intently and giggles. As soon as the men notice, they take the time to entertain the two little ones, sliding their tools back and forth quickly for the cat to chase, making silly faces at the toddler, and drawing on the window with the soap.

In a series of videos captured by the toddler’s mother, you can tell that Nagi is having a blast. It turns out this is a regular occurrence, and both Nagi and Guinness look forward to seeing their friends who seem to appear from the sky. In early 2020, Rina Takei, Nagi's mom, posted on her Instagram that her husband's posting in the UK had ended and that the family would be moving back to Tokyo, but not before Nagi and Guinness got to meet the window washers. She says, “While in London for that time, we started a family. First Guinness and Pimms (their second cat), and then along came Nagi. We have had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people, not least the window cleaning guys.”

When the two men visited the apartment, Guinness was a bit suspicious at meeting them indoors, but trusted them enough to let them pet him, a rare occurrence. “Normally tall men are a source of fear for poor Guinness and he often hides away,” says Takei. “To our window cleaning buddies, we say a big thank you!” What a fun way to make friends!

10-month-old Nagi and his cat Guinness love to watch the window washers outside their apartment.

The kind window cleaners entertain the pair from outside, swishing their tools for the cat to chase and drawing smiley faces for the toddler.

Best of all, before the Takei family moved back to Tokyo, the men, Nagi, and Guinness got to meet in person.


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A post shared by Rina Takei (@rina_takei)


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A post shared by Rina Takei (@rina_takei)

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h/t: [Laughing Squid]

All images via Rina Takei.

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