White Lion With Bangs at Guangzhou Zoo May Have Accidentally Given Himself This Haircut

There are bad hair days, and then there are the days where you cut your own hair and have to spend weeks growing out the results of an impulsive decision. Humans know these fashion faux pas all too well, but at the Guangzhou Zoo, in China, there is a lion who can relate, too. Meet Hang Hang, a male white lion who has been sporting a truly puzzling hairdo.

Photos of Hang Hang are going viral on Chinese social media platforms such as Weibo and Little Red Book. The lion's fluffy mane appears to have been chopped into blunt, mod bangs across his forehead. The questionable hairstyle is presented with such precision that people are accusing the zoo's staff of giving Hang Hang an unnecessary haircut. However, the zoo has repeatedly denied the claims, and suggested in an official statement that the high humidity in Guangzhou could be responsible for causing his mane to hang down like that. They also say the look may have been achieved naturally through the lion's own grooming routine, which perhaps the most amusing (and relatable) explanation. Fortunately, Hang Hang doesn't seem bothered by his new hairstyle.

Interestingly, Hang Hang is actually part of a species of lion with a rare mutation that is known for its fur. The white lion's fur, which can range from a pale blond to a striking white, is caused by a recessive trait known as leucism, a less-severe gene mutation than that of albinism. This stunning species was pronounced extinct in the wild between 1992 and 2004. Thanks to the Global White Lion Protection Trust, however, these lions were reintroduced back into their natural habitat in 2004, and there are now three prides flourishing in the wild. Though Hang Hang resides in a zoo, he's drawing just as much attention (if not more) for his unique blond locks.

A male white lion named Hang Hang, who lives at the Guangzhou Zoo, looks like he has perfectly cut blunt bangs.

The zookeepers deny they had anything to do with the hairstyle, and suggested that the high humidity in the area might be responsible for the odd way his hair hangs.

They also said the lion's own grooming routine may be responsible for the way the floppy hair frames his face .

h/t: [UNILAD]

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