Woman Captures Hilarious Moment a Turtle Climbs Log and Causes Other Turtles To Fall

Turtles on a Log

Photo: Trek13/Depositphotos

Taking a moment to watch animals in their natural habitat can be so rewarding, not to mention incredibly entertaining. While Larissa Hernanlandia was visiting Lake Washington, near Seattle in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S., she stumbled upon a serene moment in the wild: a group of turtles sunning themselves on a floating log. Freshwater turtles are communal, and it's common to find several of them basking on the same log, absorbing the heat and UV-B light in the Sun's rays, which they need to stay healthy.

Hernanlandia began filming the seemingly simple moment, when chaos ensued. One turtle, whom she dubbed Gary, attempted to join the others by climbing onto the round log. As he climbed atop the log, it began to roll back and forth in the water. This caused some of the other turtles to not only rock back and forth with the bobbing branch, but to also actually lose balance and slip off the log into the lake. “Gary f**ked it all up,” she comically narrates. Then, after tipping more of his friends off of the log, Gary hops off himself and swims away. In the video, you can hear Hernanlandia exclaim, “Now Gary got off and he's one who caused all the commotion!”

The 30-second clip is actually a rather ordinary glimpse of nature, but Hernanlandia's audio commentary adds a level of humor that has led 10.5 million enthusiastic views on TikTok. It may just be a day in the life for a cold-blooded creature trying to get some Sun, but it's been turned into a hilarious ordeal through Hernanlandia's exciting narration. That's the power of creative story telling!

This amusing video captures how one turtle's attempt to climb atop a log knocked off several other sunbathing turtles.

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Larissa Hernanlandia: TikTok
h/t: [Laughing Squid]

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