Air-Powered Laundry Chute Transports Dirty Clothes From Any Wall To Laundry Room

Laundry Jet

Doing laundry can be a dreaded chore that involves a lot of upper body strength for collecting and lugging piles dirty clothes to the washer. But what if the muscle work was eliminated? Laundry Jet might be the solution. The appliance is an updated laundry chute that transports your laundry from your room to the laundry room.

What makes it different from ordinary laundry chutes is the fact that this futuristic-looking version is not reliant on gravity, but air power. Vacuum force sucks the laundry from a wall port down to a central repository in the laundry room. It can even work in reverse, too—there’s an optional return system installation that will suck the clean laundry back up to a designated location in the house.

As for those ports, each system can be installed with up to eight of them in different rooms of the house. Each one opens either with a manual slide or motion sensors. The ports are just narrower than the 6-inch wide pipes, and can be fed bulky items, like sheets and towels. The system is best installed during home construction; but, since the pipes are usually run through an attic, it can also be retrofitted into an existing home. Now, the real question: can Laundry Jet sort your clothes by color? “No,” says the website. “Not yet.”

For more information on installation and pricing, visit Laundry Jet's website.

The Laundry Jet is designed with a system of tubes and wall-installed ports that uses air power to suck your clothes down chutes to the laundry room.

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There's even a return option, to send your clean clothes back to a designated location.

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Learn more about Laundry Jet:

Laundry Jet: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | TikTok
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