Man Hilariously Grows Facial Hair Like Different Celebrities for Movember

November 20th – Robert Downey Jr.

Plenty of people are taking part in a global movement known as Movember in which participants vow not to shave for the month of November, but one man named Benjamin Judd decided to take the challenge a step further. Instead of simply avoiding a razor, Judd decided to document his facial hair growth everyday, pairing his image with a celebrity. Actually, he has gone so far as to mimic the full look of each baby/boy/man he compares his facial hair to.

Starting as clean-shaven as baby Prince George, Judd has been steadily growing out his mustache and beard from a little stubble to prepubescent whiskers to, hopefully, a full-grown beard by the end of the month. With ten days left to complete the personal challenge, Judd is currently in the “Robert Downey Jr.” phase, boasting a strong mustache. Though he may not grow a bushy beard in time, the ultimate goal is to raise money for men's health program investments through his Movember campaign and do Ron Swanson proud.

November 1st – Prince George

November 2nd – Alfalfa (Little Rascals)

November 3rd – Khloe Kardashian

November 4th – Luke Danes (Gilmore Girls)

November 5th – Aziz Ansari

November 6th – Justin Bieber

November 7th – Johnny Depp

November 8th – Adam Scott

November 9th – Gael Garcia Bernal

November 10th – Zayn Malik (One Direction)

November 11th – George Clooney

November 12th – Jude Law

November 13th – Ed Westwick

November 14th – Samuel L. Jackson

November 15th – Adam Brody

November 16th – Matthew Broderick

November 17th – Cuba Gooding Jr.

November 18th – Gene Hackman

November 19th – Prince

Benjamin Judd on Instagram
via [Izismile]

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