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Interactive Online Exhibit Explores Intricate Details of Bosch’s Famous Painting

One of the most amazing aspects of advancing technology is the possibility it presents to further expand collective understanding on any number of topics. Ideas can be shared worldwide to engage with wider audiences everywhere. A new interactive exhibit of Hieronymus Bosch's famous Garden of Earthly Delights does just this, marrying technology with art history beautifully.The website infuses a sense of life into an ancient painting, allowing visitors to explore the work's minute details accompanied with audio essays describing its different aspects.

The Dutch painter, known for his stunning landscapes and detailed imagery that explored concepts of religion and social class, is most recognized for this particular triptych painting. Read chronologically, the work depicts the Garden of Eden on the left, a fantastical scene of revelry in the centre, and a hellscape on the right hand side. Art historians often interpret the oil piece as a warning against life's temptations, though it is wrought with heavy symbolism and amazing details that ensures its relevance in the art world today.

The interactive website explains some of the many details painted within Bosch's famous artwork. The site was created by a group of filmmakers and art historians in anticipation of a new documentary by Pieter van Huijstee titled Hieronymus Bosch, Touched by the Devil. Both the exhibit and documentary premier on the 500th anniversary of Bosch's passing and celebrate the artist's talent and thought-provoking work.

Pieter van Huijstee: Website
via [Colossal]

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