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Boulder-Shaped Cabin Perfectly Camouflages in Swiss Alps

Nestled within a rock fall field on the Swiss Alps sits Antoine, a cabin that resembles a large boulder. It was designed by the studio Bureau A, and the cozy interior space features some of the basics: a bed, fold-out table, stool, fireplace, and windows. But, just looking at the outside, you’d never know to go in because it’s perfectly camouflaged among the surrounding environment.

The inconspicuous nature of Antonie was inspired by the long-standing Swiss tradition of hidden bunkers and military infrastructure. In addition, it’s a tribute to the alpine experience as well as the words of French philosopher Paul Virilio. His 1975 writings spoke of bunker archaeology and the principles of camouflage. These themes fascinate Bureau A, and they’ve translated them into a mysterious concrete building whose well-crafted exterior doubles as a work of art.

Bureau A website
via [Lost at E Minor and designboom]

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