December 22, 2017

Giant ‘Castle in the Sky’ in Tokyo Celebrates the Work of Studio Ghibli

While we cross our fingers and patiently wait for Hayao Miyazaki's short Kemushi no Boro to hopefully debut in 2018, we'll comfort ourselves by looking at the incredible installation for Studio Ghibli's 30-year anniversary retrospective. This illuminated ship was just one piece of the interactive exhibition that took place in 2016 in Tokyo for the beloved anime studio's anniversary.

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December 6, 2017

80-Year-Old Wooden Escalators Repurposed as Interlooping Ceiling Sculptures

As time goes on and technology grows more advanced, things from our past slowly become obsolete. Such is the case with wooden escalators; Sydney’s Wynyard Station first installed a pair of them in 1931, but the Australian locale has since replaced them with their modern counterparts. Doing so begged the question: What happens to the old—and now historic—stairways?

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October 20, 2017

80-Foot Kraken on Old WWII Ship Becomes Artificial Reef in the British Virgin Islands

With more and more natural reefs dying due to climate change, people are increasingly turning to artificial reefs to provide safe ecosystems for aquatic life. And while we've seen everything from subway cars to underwater sculptures used for this purpose, nothing is quite as evocative as the BVI Art Reef. Structured to promote the growth of transplanted coral, the artificial reef is composed of a WWII fuel barge topped by an elaborate 80-foot mesh kraken.

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September 26, 2017

Kaleidoscopic Installation Lets Visitors Experience What It’s Like to Step Inside a Diamond

Multimedia artist Chris Cheung and his creative team (collectively known as XEX) have just debuted their impressive audiovisual installation, titled Prismverse, in Shanghai, China for Dr.Jart+. The installation invites visitors to enter a energetic playground for the senses, as they're met with what seems to be an infinite number of geometric mirrors. Essentially, it's like walking into a giant gem.

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