Acrylic Painting

December 27, 2020

Dreamlike Paintings Imagine Women Holding Cats Formed by Their Own Long Hair

For centuries, cats have served as both inspirations for works of art and as companions for many artists themselves. Korean creative Jang Koal continues this long-standing tradition of feline-inspired art in her own dreamy style. Her series of paintings called Mirage Cat depicts beautiful, raven-haired women holding black cats that are actually made up of their own glossy locks.

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September 6, 2020

Spectacular Starry Paintings Explore the Endless Depths of Outer Space

While some artists find inspiration in the familiar beauty of nature, others look to the stars. Los Angeles-based artist Lanchen Mihalic (also called Lanchen Designs) creates incredible paintings that explore the mesmerizing depths of outer space. She decorates canvases of various shapes and sizes with depictions of swirling nebulae, galaxies, and planets. Mihalic's vast portfolio surveys a myriad of celestial scenes in a range of fantastical color schemes.

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