Acrylic Painting

August 29, 2023

Four Online Painting Classes Will Make You Want to Pick Up a Brush and Find Your Inner Artist

Whether you want to paint like an Old Master or find a way to express yourself, there's nothing more satisfying than creating a painting. Working with acrylics is a great starting point because they are affordable, versatile, and long-lasting. So, it's no wonder that My Modern Met Academy's online painting classes focus on this medium. All four painting courses on our e-learning platform show how acrylics can be used to great effect.

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June 14, 2023

Vibrant Paintings of Different Animals Living Harmoniously Together on Varied Landscapes

The climate crisis is unavoidable, and it seeps into nearly every facet of our lives. Artist Antonio Segura, aka Dulk, expresses this idea through his colorful works that both celebrate nature’s biodiversity and consider its demise. His surreal paintings appear in his exhibition titled Heritage, now on display at Thinkspace in Los Angeles. The images are of animals that seem to be looking at what's beyond them.

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March 7, 2023

What Is the Difference Between Acrylic vs Oil Paint?

There are many choices you can make when you begin to learn how to paint. The most basic is the kind of paint you're going to use; three of the biggest types are watercolor, acrylics, and oils. While it's easy to distinguish the differences between watercolor paint versus acrylics and oils, it's trickier to understand what separates the other two. They are often packaged in similar-looking paint tubes, but they have many differences.

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