Acrylic Painting

April 30, 2022

​​Atmospheric Forest Paintings Look Like There’s a Glitch in Their Pixels

Polish artist Luiza Niechoda simplifies landscapes with her pixelated style. Inspired by the Pacific Northwest and Romantic artists like Friedrich and J.M.W. Turner, she creates striking renditions of verdant forests and misty mountainous backgrounds. Instead of focusing on the details, however, she prefers to use abstraction to home in on specific feelings. Originally from a marketing and graphic design background, Niechoda decided to pursue painting full-time in 2018.

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April 2, 2022

Lavishly Textured Paintings Are a Candy-Colored Look at the Great Outdoors

Belgium-based artist Anastasia Trusova finds spectacular ways to showcase the beauty of the European landscape. Her creative practice merges decadent texture with bold color palettes to create lavish depictions of flowery hills, dense forests, and peaceful rivers. Formerly a shoe designer in China, Trusova took up painting when she relocated to Belgium and needed a new creative outlet. Through experimentation, she developed her own unique style founded on prismatic hues and thick impasto.

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January 22, 2022

Lifelike Animal Paintings Raise Real Awareness for Vulnerable Endangered Species

The biodiversity of our planet is one of the many things that make it beautiful. UK-based artist Sophie Green celebrates animal species big and small with her exquisite acrylic paintings. She captures elephants, tigers, rhinos, and more in her photorealistic depictions, which in turn help raise awareness of the vulnerability of these amazing creatures. Moreover, the award-winning fine artist donates 10% of her profits to wildlife and conservation charities.

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