Broaden Your Creative Skills and Save Big With Our Abstract Painting Bundle

Three paintings from the abstract painting bundle

Whether it's Claude Monet‘s impressionist landscapesHilma Af Klint‘s mystical visual imagery or Jackson Pollock‘s drip paintings, chances are you love at least one artist who uses abstraction in their work. If you've been searching for inspiration to push your self as an artist, or even to try your hand at painting for the first time, consider My Modern Met Academy‘s Abstract Painting Bundle. There's no better time than now to experiment creatively and find a new outlet for personal expression.

Our bundle of three classes—Dream Your Own Abstract Acrylic Floral Paintings, Dappled Light: Learn Abstract Painting with Acrylics, and Acrylic Painting Masterclass: Explore Color & Abstract Landscape Painting—costs just $95. With three different artists teaching you how they make their own distinctive acrylic works, you'll be sure to learn new techniques and refresh foundational skills. Over five and a half hours, you'll be introduced to mixing acrylic paints, stretching your own canvases, and turning reference images from nature into singular visions that no one but you could imagine.

Included in our package is one of our newest classes, Acrylic Painting Masterclass: Explore Color and Abstract Landscape Painting, taught by Polish artist Luiza Niechoda. The painter creates geometric but moody landscapes that update timeless landscapes with a contemporary twist. And through her class, you too will get to create two complete landscape paintings while gaining a greater understanding of color theory.

Along with the Masterclass, you'll also get to produce art with expert professionals Nitika Ale and Megan Elizabeth. Ale's abstract florals will help beginners learn basic painting techniques. More advanced students will appreciate practicing loosening up their brushstrokes to create lush floral bouquets. Under Elizabeth's tutelage, students will refine their understanding of light and value in her Dappled Light course.

By purchasing the Abstract Painting Bundle for $95, you're saving 20% as opposed to the full price of buying the classes individually. Whether you have never gessoed a canvas before or are already a seasoned painter, this bundle will guide you to your next level of artistic achievement.

Get a sneak peek of each class below and then head over to My Modern Met Academy to enroll today.

Explore new painting techniques with our Abstract Painting Bundle.

Our bundle saves you 20% off the regular price of taking each class individually.

Floral Artist Nitika Ale

After finishing all of the courses, you'll have at least 4 new works to add to your portfolio.

Luiza Niechoda Online Acrylic Painting Class

Artist Nitika Ale will push you to play with color in Dream Your Own Abstract Acrylic Floral Paintings.

Abstract Floral Painting Class

In Dappled Light: Learn Abstract Painting with Acrylics, Megan Elizabeth will help you face your fears and embrace new techniques.

Dappled Light Class by Megan Elizabeth on My Modern Met Academy

Artist Luzia Niechoda will offer tips that even experienced artists will appreciate in Acrylic Painting Masterclass: Explore Color and Abstract Landscape Painting.

Online Acrylic Painting Class

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