January 23, 2023

Artist “Unwraps” Animated Characters to Reveal Their Realistic Forms

Oftentimes, animated films give off the impression of perfect, idealized worlds. Stefan Thelen, aka Super A, uses his art to pull the veil off of these fantasies and give a glimpse of reality. He “unwraps” iconic cartoon characters and reveals what is hidden beneath. The ongoing series, titled Trapped, features acrylic renderings of Disney and Studio Ghibli worlds, with a peek at what these subjects would look like in real life.

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January 16, 2023

“Eye-Catching” Oil Paintings Capture the Power of a Gaze

Whether we are angry, sad, or happy, our emotions are often reflected in our eyes. Artist Maldha Mohamed explores this range of feelings in her ongoing series of eye paintings. Rendered completely in oil, these expressive works center one or more eyes on the canvas, letting the captivating qualities of a gaze shine through. Each of Mohamed's canvases is an immersive depiction of human eyes.

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December 26, 2022

Abstract Lily Pad Paintings Symbolize the Beauty and Perseverance of Chinese Culture

Artist MaiYap explores her identity as an Asian woman in the series Reflection on Awakening. Her experience living as a minority in Panama, and then later, in Florida, formed a fear of being different. Then, when racism and hate crimes against Asian Americans began to increase—particularly during the pandemic—she turned to painting to rediscover her identity. This resulted in a collection of abstract oil paintings featuring the steadfast lily pad.

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December 20, 2022

Cézanne Self-Portrait Hidden Under a Still Life Is Discovered After Almost 160 Years

During a routine inspection of the Cincinnati Art Museum’s cherished Paul Cézanne work titled Still Life with Bread and Eggs, chief conservator Serena Urry noticed something “odd.” What she found lying beneath the surface is a secret that has remained hidden for almost 160 years. No work is safe from time, and for this still life piece from 1865, cracking in the paint is expected.

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