May 1, 2023

Painter Creates Lifelike Food Art That Look Like Delectable Treats You Can Eat

Have you ever come across a photo of a meal that looks so good that it makes your mouth water? Well, Ukraine-based artist Christina Kunanets paints her own eye candy that looks as delectable as the real thing. Using oil paint and various tools, she renders everything from colorful cakes to avocado on toast, fooling viewers into thinking that these artworks are made with edible ingredients.

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April 15, 2023

Dizzying Hyperrealistic Paintings Capture the Shift Perspectives of Bustling Cities

Cities like New York and Paris are so large and complex that it is hard to contain them on one canvas. Artist Nathan Walsh, however, manages to create an incredibly detailed picture of urban living in his hyperrealistic paintings. By using different vantage points and incorporating reflections, these depictions feel like snapshots of a specific place in time, and sometimes of multiple places spanning different moments.

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March 25, 2023

10 Best Canvases for Beginners and Professional Artists

There are few events more exciting for an artist than receiving new art supplies. And while a set of paints may inspire colorful designs, choosing a good quality canvas is just as important in creating your work of art. Experienced portrait painters, for instance, may prefer a pre-primed linen canvas that will enhance the luminosity and flow of the paint.

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March 7, 2023

What Is the Difference Between Acrylic vs Oil Paint?

There are many choices you can make when you begin to learn how to paint. The most basic is the kind of paint you're going to use; three of the biggest types are watercolor, acrylics, and oils. While it's easy to distinguish the differences between watercolor paint versus acrylics and oils, it's trickier to understand what separates the other two. They are often packaged in similar-looking paint tubes, but they have many differences.

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